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What does it mean to make art in times of rupture or as rupture? How do we create rupture? What
emerges from rupture?
A reflection about the impossible invites rupture because it breaks with the established; with continuity. Therefore, to rethink an exploration about literary discourses, linguistic diversity, and other forms of artistic representation that have been discarded and marginalized is an act that fractures hegemonic discourses and provides an opportunity to ponder conflicting perspectives. Because
of its dynamic nature, the concept of rupture is a study in opposing dialectics: it questions and reaffirms, engages and disengages, creates and destroys. Linguistically, rupture can be approached diachronically, studying various points throughout history, as well as synchronically, studying the present, to examine the effect that rupture has had on a language. From a practical perspective,
rupture points to a practice that is, above all, dissident.


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Cover page credit: Ruth Llana.



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