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Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois





They captured Loretta Goates
soon after she escaped from the mental hospital
She’d gone into Hightower’s Pharmacy
and thrown all the lipsticks
onto the floor
pushed down the empty display

The counter girl
Hightower’s niece from Jax
called 911
but Loretta saw her
and stalked toward the counter


Jax screamed
and the barber from the shop next door
came running in with his scissors still
in hand


Loretta wrestled the scissors away
and stabbed herself in her left shoulder
took some of the blood
and wiped it on her lips

The cops showed up
moments later


Jimmy Smith, the younger one
Fuck, we’ve got a fucking vampire
right here in Chatahoochee


Ed Took, the elder
drew his gun


He’d heard of Loretta Goates
how dangerous she was
If she approached he’d shoot her
without hesitation


but Loretta went over to the candy aisle
tore open a Peter Paul Mounds bar
and sat down on the floor to eat it





There’s a hot spot on the bottom of the ocean
that builds the island chain


Together with mangroves
they create the islands


Lava is hot
mangroves are cool


Red mangrove’s the walking tree
the voodoo mangrove
with the spirit of a man


Black mangrove
the old timer
gravelly voiced singer
dreaming of slide guitars


White is upland
gwine go home
get away from that hot spot
get away from the confederacy of creation


* * *


MITCHELL KROCKMALNIK GRABOIS has had over seven hundred of his poems and fictions appear in literary magazines in the U.S. and abroad. He has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize for work published in 2012, 2013, and 2014. His novel, Two-Headed Dog, based on his work as a clinical psychologist in a state hospital, is available for Kindle and Nook, or as a print edition. He lives in Denver.



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